Sunday, November 23, 2014

What Happened: Or the Reason the Blog Posts Stopped.

We, the writers, have a confession to make. In spite of all of our best intentions the LHT blog stopped getting updated. We started strong. We meant to get it updated weekly, but something happened. We got busy. Some how between getting what needed to be done accomplished for the production and the hecticness of being young adults, working jobs outside of the theatre, neither one of us got around to updating after the seventh week.

There comes a point in ever person's life where they have to draw the line of what can and can't be done. The blog got shoved to the back burner, or maybe if we were going to be completely honest, it was taken off the stove entirely.

Between the craziness of the rehearsal schedule, the logistical issues of trying to get everyone and everything organized, there seemed to be more things that needed doing than there were hours in a day to finish them all. We hope that those of our readers understand that our absence here was necessitated by our focus on other aspects.

That being said we will hopefully have some pictures from the show posted shortly.

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