Monday, September 15, 2014

Production Journal: Week Five - "From the Top of Scene Three!"

"Let's run through that again!" is often heard coming from Holly, our director. There is one way to know when a scene needs work: going over it...again and again. That was what most of week five consisted of. With goof-ups and mess-ups all around, everyone breaks out in laughter in the picture above.

Faces: We truly have some amazing actors this year. Each actor has really been putting great effort into being the character of the story. As you can see, the actors above are all saying a lot about their character through their faces, postures and body language.
Walking sticks and letters: Memorizing lines isn't the only thing actors must do in preparation for the show. There are props involved, which makes each scene more complicated, especially in the photo above where scrips and props are being juggled. However, practices give us the opportunity to experiment with handling props, making sure we don't clock someone with a walking stick in the process.
Imaginary props: while we don't have all the props collected yet, actors must use their imaginations while getting a feel for what they need to be doing with their hands at each part of their line.
Grumpy characters must be grumpy! One struggle for some actors is acting in character, even though your character's attitude may be the opposite of your own. For example, someone who is all smiles may have a harder time playing a grumpy character who is not supposed to smile.
Revolvers! A high speed chase! (Running, that is!) Actors perfect a chase. It's important to work on these scenes, making sure they are realistic and believable.