Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Production Journal: Week One - Introductions and Starting the Production Season

Dress rehearsal for our 2013 show, The Scarlet Pimpernel
The time has come, once again, for our theater group to begin preparing for our fall production. I love this time of the year. Rehearsals are just beginning and this is when the creativity begins to be unleashed.

Before delve into our first post in the production journal. Let me take a moment to introduce the people who will be updating. I'm the founder, director and producer of Lamplighter Homeschool Theatre. My amazing Stage Manager, Madelyn and I will, to the best of our ability with all of the production craziness, be updating the blog on a weekly basis.

To be quite honest, the timeframe from when we start to consider what our next production will be, right up to auditions, is my least favorite time of the entire process. It's most stressful for me as the director and scriptwriter because this is when I have the most individual control over the production. I worry about whether or not I've made the right choice in story, developed the characters properly, and done justice to the original work. Then there is the worry about the actors; will we have enough? will they be able to do justice to the parts? It's not an enjoyable time.

Thankfully, all my worrying is usually for nothing.

Now, with auditions behind us and twelve weeks of rehearsals and preparation ahead of us, we can start to get excited. We've been blessed with an amazing group of kids, they are incredibly talented and are already starting to develop the group camaraderie which is so important to the success of the production.  

This past week was our first rehearsal, and it was so exciting to finally get to hear the lines being read by the actors who will be playing those parts. After months of tweaking and improving, I could finally get to picture and rough idea of what the final product is going to look like. From this point forward things will start to take shape with the acting and I can't wait to see it happen.